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Free Websites - Make a Website       Today
Here is exactly where you can make a website for kids for free.

You can in fact make 2 websites with your free account and have one for children and another for another interest of yours.

You can set up your own domain name, get free hosting and also totally free templates and many other web creation items all for nix.

So, if you were searching for make my own website for kids free you have come to the right place.

Joining is free so click on the link to get started.
Join up For Free Kids Website Here
Creating your own free website is realy very easy.
What you need are the following.

1. A free Domain Name. Now this is normally only free if you use what is called a subdomain name. Generally with a free website providor you will end up with a name (as you do here)
Generally this is fine because you have a valid web address.

2. Free hosting, which is where your pictures and files live. Free sites such as this one will allow you to put up a good amount of content for nothing.

3. Free website creator. This is essentially the tool with which you upload and design your website. Most free hosts have an online editor.

4. Free website templates. This helps you get a nice look about your site so that you can continue to work on the content.

Bearing the above in mind, the answer to <b>How to make my own free website</b> is easy. Join us here at and start getting creative because it is all for free.
Simply put, YES You Can Add Video To Weebly.
The process is easiest with a YouTube video and I will show you here a quick step by Step to add the video that you will see in this post. Just remember my comments are all relative to this page.
STEP 1: Navigate to the page that you want to insert the video on.

Step 2: Click on the multimedia tab to see all the video and slideshow options and select the youtube icon. You can access this from the basic menu as well. Drag it to the page where you want the video to appear as I have done below with my video.

Step 3: Select Video Header

Once you have dragged the YouTube Video onto your page, click on the header and an option dropdown will appear below the top weebly menu. Here is where you can enter your youtube url and change a few other options.

Ok, Your done. It is that easy.
HINT: Add the video last and you will find that your page loads much quicker when editing. The youtube video refresh can sometimes be annoying when you are typing other info in.

So, if you havent got your Free website yet, just 
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