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Creating your own free website is realy very easy.
What you need are the following.

1. A free Domain Name. Now this is normally only free if you use what is called a subdomain name. Generally with a free website providor you will end up with a name (as you do here)
Generally this is fine because you have a valid web address.

2. Free hosting, which is where your pictures and files live. Free sites such as this one will allow you to put up a good amount of content for nothing.

3. Free website creator. This is essentially the tool with which you upload and design your website. Most free hosts have an online editor.

4. Free website templates. This helps you get a nice look about your site so that you can continue to work on the content.

Bearing the above in mind, the answer to <b>How to make my own free website</b> is easy. Join us here at and start getting creative because it is all for free.


03/12/2012 00:47

This is really great offer and surely i will follow these details,


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