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When editing your site, there are now 4 new elements in the "Revenue" category: Product Block, Product Small, Product Regular and Product Large. The first time you drag one of these on, you will be prompted to associate your PayPal or Google Checkout account with Weebly, so you won't have to worry about that again.
Each style has a different way of organizing your product, so you can have full control over how it is displayed. Even better, mix and match styles to draw attention to certain products over others, include colors variations or other options, and add variety to your store.

Next, you simply upload a picture, add a title for the product, enter a description and (most importantly) enter a price. All of these aspects are fully customizable, so you can hide the picture or description, or change to any other format without dragging on another product.

You have all of the Website tools available to create your store. Build it out however you want with complete flexibility -- add featured products on the home page, create pages for categories or products, and feature videos, audio and photo galleries to show off your products in the best light.

Best of all, Weebly does not take a cut of your sales, and these features are included free in all Weebly accounts -- so you can get started selling easily and for free!

12/22/2010 18:15

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