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Making a website that is free involves more than getting a free website editor and posting your pages up on a website somewhere. Totally free websites that others can find requires several different items..

1. Free Domain Name
Your websites domain name is just like your home address where people come to visit you. These domain names can take many formats depending on if you want a top level domain name like a dotcom, a country specific domain like ( Australia ) or a subdomain such as Sub domains are great Free options when creating your super cheap website. They allow you to give someone a web address to view your free website and you will also be found by the search engines such as Google or Yahoo. offers many domain name options, with the subdomain option being your Free choice.

2. Free Web Hosting
Hosting is the description used for the chunk of computer hard drive that your website files will live on. People are downloading the images and text that are stored on your host. If you want to create your website for free, getting hosting with your package is essential as it can be quite costly. offers plenty of webspace for your free websites and the ability to upgrade in size for a very reasonable cost.

3. Free Webpage Editor.
Having a host and domain name and then needing to buy website creation software to design your webpages is hardly free at all. Fortunately there are many great html editors available as freeware or most commonly as part of your hosting package. The wysiwyg ( What You See Is What You Get ) type of online editors are generally sufficient to create your own website for free. has a very easy to use drag n drop editor meaning you do not need to know any html at all to quickly design a really cool website.

4. Free Website Templates
Having a selection of premade website templates helps you get your site up and running quickly and looking great. Now days even the free templates around are often well designed and of high quality. Unless you are a graphic wiz kid, why reinvent the wheel as they say. Again has a huge selection of themed templates for you to use as your web design base.

5. When you come across a lot of other online free websites, they often are loaded with distracting ads that cloud your own website. Simply not so at Only one very unobtrusive ad at the bottom of your website is shown. This is the same as most websites that have a designed by or contact webmaster type link towards the bottom of their website.

Now that you know a little more about the process, you can start toMake your own website for free.

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